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How to create an e-learning platform for the organisation promoting sustainability and conservation?

Is a learning hub centred around the education and development of an engaged community in need of an e-learning platform? The answer is yes.

This case study is focused on Ryvias and the way the organisation is exploiting the full potential of LMS. Find out more about the processes, implementation and possible applications of the e-learning platform.

The main objective and mission of Ryvias is protecting the environment by utilising online courses. The firm aims to combine education with supporting causes and projects focused on sustainability. Everybody wins! As the members admit: “This project is an e-learning platform for people who care”.

How can this objective be achieved?

Ryvias has opted for use of gamification. Users of the platform are earning points for various activities. These include: daily login to the platform, completing courses and quizzes or sharing their results on social media platforms.

The collected points may be used to support specific environmental projects available on the platform, such as greening urban spaces and play areas or planting trees. Doesn’t it sound incredible?

Create a paid online learning platform that will enable people to acquire knowledge, purchase courses, and make a tangible impact on sustainability;

Develop a gamification system where points can be redeemed to support environmental projects or rebates for other courses;

User integration - formation of internal communities with message boards where people can share opinions and motivate one another;

Microlearning - presenting larger material in smaller units and allowing daily revisions using fact sheets and flashcards. This kind of learning system helps to learn new information and build on previous knowledge;

Creating a large variety of pages such as career development, job offers, volunteering, message board or inspirational story books;

Preparing a performance indicator dashboard with all the statistics, which would allow users to check how much time they have spent on courses, how many points have been collected, how many courses have been completed and how many points have been allocated to projects;

Build a waypoint planner - an intelligent learning journey based on a user's interests and education.The platform proposes to the user which skills and competences can be further developed, by completing specific courses on the platform;

Design a navigational panel that is accessible and intuitive from scratch.

The challenges faced by Ryvias included almost all aspects of the project - conceptual as well as technological.

The most prominent ones were:


Why Wellms?

After a long search for a suitable ecosystem, Ryvias has decided to choose Wellms which could address the challenges and achieve the intended purpose of the platform.

Wellms is an e-learning platform that allows customisation of appearance, layout and functionality so they can meet the demands of administrators and users.

Learning materials on Wellms can be displayed not only on computer and mobile devices but also on AR/VR goggles, SmartTV, Playstation, HHT and smart watches. Ryvias members can enjoy using the platform at any point of the time and enjoy available courses while helping the environment.

The main distinguishing feature of Wellms is its headless technology. That means that the front-end and back-end, or the visual side and the code of an app, are separated. This creates infinite possibilities for integration with different devices, systems and front personalization.

Developing your own LMS (learning management system) using Wellms is a non-coding solution. Working with Wellms resembles more of building the layout out using prepared blocks and tiles. That allows an organisation to save a few months of software development team efforts.

Ryvias & Wellms cooperation

If you would like to see the details of our cooperation with Ryvias continue reading. The entire process was based on three simple steps:


After focusing on the theoretical aspects of the project, it was time to do a more detailed analysis of the desired end product with a team of experts. The team was built of software developers (back and front end), graphic designers and UX designers.

It is at this point the entire outline of custom made LMS was created. A detailed description of functionalities and the plan and idea for their implementation were defined.

The end result of the workshop is extensive documentation constituting the basis and the starting point for the entire project - from the needs and wants, challenges to the client vision and ways of its implementation.

Market analysis

Needs and wants analysis for the Ryvias target group: people interested in ecology and sustainable development living in the United Kingdom.

At this stage, the most important part was defining needs and the areas of interest in the Ryvias target audience. Only based on those, a selection of courses could be created.

Establishing modules needed to design the career and education routes was a crucial part of this stage. In addition, during the development of the discussion board and reporting tools for the learning stages, unit-specific testing and certification were designed.


Once the conceptual work stage was completed, robust work and implementation of the LMS could start.

By using pre-existing pieces of code, so-called blocks, we have matched the platform to the unique needs of our client. The process does not involve building from scratch which would generate extra cost and time.




Final effects

The work resulted in a custom-built, dedicated LMS platform, a base for 25 different courses, where each user has an individually generated development and career path.

Most importantly, together with Ryvias, we have created a place in the online world, where you can simultaneously learn and protect the environment by supporting chosen projects. Sustainability and environmental protection should be a common goal of all of us. Therefore creating a place like this platform, with an incredible community who simply care is a great success.

Different applications of such an LMS

An LMS platform - similar to the one created with Ryvias - is suitable for corporations and large organisations as a good motivation for learning and development, both professional and personal. As this case study shows, it can be used for the greater good.

Coworkers can independently select causes they would like to support by allocating gathered points. By finishing courses and training your employees can support animal or children charities or maybe help a local project.

The choice is in the hands of your employees, and as they say “sky's the limit”. A common goal can not only bond the team but is motivating and drives people to action. All of it together is a big step to increasing the effectiveness and happiness of your employees.

How are you going to use Wellms?

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